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 Hydramatic (Standard and Dual Path) used in 1946-63


 Dynaflow (2 speed) used in 1948-63 Buick only

Cast iron case PG

 Cast iron case PowerGlide (2 speed) used in 1950-62 Chevrolet only

Jetaway 315

 Jetaway 315 used in 1956-64 Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac, AMC


 TurboGlide used in 1957-61 Chevrolet only


 FlightPitch used in 1958-59 Buick only

Corvair PG

 Corvair PowerGlide (2 speed) used in 1960-69 Corvair & 1961-63 Tempest only

Buick Special/Skylark

 Dual Path used 1961-63 in Buick Special/Skylark only

240 RHM

 Roto-Hydramatic 240 used in 1961-63 Olds F85 only

375 RHM (Slim Jim)

 Roto-Hydramatic 375 (Slim Jim) used in 1961-64 Olds, Pontiac


 Aluminum PowerGlide (2 speed) used in 1962-73 Chevrolet only

300 THM

 Super Turbine 300 (2 speed) used in 1964-69 Buick, Olds, Pontiac


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