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Hydramatic (Standard and Dual Range)

Also known as Single and Dual Path.

The Dual Range was introduced for the 1952 model year.

NOTE:  This was the "original" Hydramatic,
but GM called MANY of their later transmissions "Hydramatic".

Used 1939-63 in various Olds, Pontiac Cadillac, Hudson, International, Nash, Kaiser and Lincoln models. Also used in GMC and Chevrolet trucks.

(Please note that GM later used the Hydramatic name for MOST of their transmission models starting in 1964)

There were many versions of this transmission and many parts do not interchange among them.

Distinguished from a Jetaway by having no park position and a quadrant of N-D4-D3-L-R and

12 bolt pan

This was a cast iron cased, hydraulically controlled  transmission. 

Band adjustment for dual range:
Front = 1/3@
Reverse = 1/3@

@ Loosen band adjustment all the way.  Start engine. Shift the manual lever to low. Tighten band adjustment until it stops.  Turn engine off (it will loosen with engine off).  Count the number of turns it takes to re-tighten and back off 1/3 that number of turns.



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Pan gasket

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