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You can e-mail me at parts@charlietranny.come-mail feebleminds animated gifs and clipart

Snail mail @ Charlie Tranny, 1043 Savage Rd., Belleville, MI 48111

I receive anywhere from 100-300 e-mails per day.  I am a one man operation and I have a VERY full schedule outside of my transmission activities.  Unfortunately this doesn't allow for me to spend time on the phone with transmission customers.  By replying to e-mails I can work my replies around my schedule.  If you need questions answered, please ask them specifically and include as much information as you can.  Thank you!

PLEASE don't Google to find my phone number!  (see above)

Sorry, I no longer rebuild (or work on) transmissions

I do not sell complete transmissions (rebuilt, used, or otherwise)

(unless it is SPECIFICALLY listed on this sight as for sale)


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