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Who is Charlie Tranny anyhow?

Charlie Tranny is the name of my company, but it's origin comes from the nickname I acquired during my 40 plus years in the transmission business.  I served in various capacities at General Motors for over twelve years including assembly process engineer and reliability engineer.  I've been a transmission shop owner for about thirty years.  You might guess that I might have learned a thing or two about transmissions in that time, but more importantly to you, I've accumulated a lot of parts that just might be of use to you.

I have also taught automotive classes part-time at three community colleges, but in 2007 I "retired" from the transmission business and took a full-time job teaching high school Automotive Technology. 

More recently there have been a couple of new developments in my life.  On February 1, 2013, I retired from my teaching position.   On June 14, 2014, I had a stoke.

Because of my stoke, I am no longer rebuilding transmissions, but I can still sell you parts.

I've recently taken an interest in turning wooden pens.  Check some of them out at Wooden Ink Pens Custom Crafted by Charlie.

Thanx for visiting my site!

Chuck (Charlie) Reavis

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