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Powerglide (Aluminum case)

Used 1962-73 in Chevrolets.

This was an hydraulically controlled two speed transmission.  Some were air cooled, but most had cooler lines that went up to the radiator.  Chevrolet also made a fully manual version that they called a Torque Drive and used it in some four cylinder Chevy II's.  The aluminum Powerglide shared a FEW parts with the 1964-69 300THM. 

Top cooler line is the cooler return line.

Band adjustment:
Low =4 turns
Reverse = Not used

Gear Ratios:
1.76:1 in 1st
1.00:1 in High
2.76:1 Reverse

Optional Gear Ratios:
1.82:1 in 1st
1.00:1 in High
2.82:1 Reverse



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Pan Gasket

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