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also known as BW8, BWW11, BW12 and Cast Iron Rambler.

Was used 1956-71 in various Rambler, Studebaker and Packard models. It was known as the BW-8 (Model 8)  from 1956-66 and the BW-12 (Model 12) from 1967-up.   There was also a Model 11 from 1967-71.  The Model 8 has "N8" cast into the case, Model 11 has "N11" cast into the case, and the Model 12 has "N12" cast into the case.  The BW-12 was used 1973-74  in some Ford products.   

This was an hydraulically controlled rear wheel drive  transmission. 

It had a cast iron case and an aluminum bell housing.  It was similar to Ford's Fordomatic used from 1951-1967 and FMX which came out in 1968, but few of the parts are interchangeable.

Band adjustments:
Intermediate = ¼" servo travel
Reverse = 1½ turns



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Pan gasket

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