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C4 was used 1965-80 and C5 (which had a lockup torque converter and NOT to be confused with the C4 with the dipstick tube fastened to the pan which many people called a C5 when in fact it was just another version of the C4) was used 1981-86  in many Ford products.  Ford also made a fully manual version that they called a Semi-automatic or C4S and used it in some four cylinder Falcons.

This was an hydraulically controlled rear wheel drive  transmission.

Rear cooler line is the cooler return line.

Band adjustments:
Intermediate = 1˝ turns (coarse thread)
Intermediate = 3˝ turns (fine thread)
Reverse = 2 turns

Gear Ratios:
2.46:1 1st gear
1.46:1 2nd gear
1.00:1 3rd gear
2.18:1 reverse



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Pan and gasket

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