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RJ Kanary of Bandi Bros.Inc. for information on Fordomatic small case (CI bell housing and  pictures) and the name (C4S) of the semi-automatic version on the C4.

John Flick (now deceased) for information on transmission usage in 1953 after Hydramatic fire as well as lots of information on older units and just being a great friend.  RIP John.

Tod Chretien advice and encouragement on the "nuts & bolts" of getting this website to appear MUCH better!  Also lots of Chrysler information such as the info on the transmissions used in the Hemi powered Chrysler 300s and Dodge Magnums.

Steve Herrick (my younger stepdaughter's boyfriend) for solving my MANY HTML "quirks" which also enhanced the look of this site.

Jeff Quaintance (my elder stepdaughter's friend) for answering various "computer" questions and getting my wife's computer networked to our internet connection (I was "hogging" the connection!)

Don Stone of AAA Quality Transmissions for his pictures of the Cast Iron Powerglide.

Mark Sweitzer of MARK'S AUTO PARTS STORE for pictures of the Dynaflow and Powerflite as well as various other older units.

Daniel J. Biddix (a fellow eBayer) for pictures of the Skylark Dynaflow.

David Kenaston (a fellow eBayer) for pictures of the BW T-35.

Martin Trouillon of Martin's Transmissions for his information on the Fordomatic transmission family.

Dell Wellons and John Haver for additional clarification on how the early Fordomatics operated.

Joey Campbell for the term "semi-automatic" that Ford used for the fully manual version of the C4 transmission and information on the internal Ford engineering bulletin about the change in the cooler return line location on the AX4S as of 9-9-99.

Gary Glaenzer of No Bull Transmissions for the reverse ratios of the Chrysler A500, A518, A727 and A904.

Gary Haslip for the information on the Chevy Turboglide.

Jeff Johnson of Palouse Country Transmission for picture of the shift quadrant on the CI Powerglide.

Chris Peters for Fordomatic large case pictures.

Mike McLaughlin of Mike's Transmission Service, Freeland, MI for tons of information and advice.

Mike Maravelas of Bob's Transmission, Simi Valley, CA,  for a link to pictures of the GM 6L80 transmissions.

Randy K. Wilson for the information on the six speed Allison 1000.

Lane Floria for his explanation of how the early Ford automatics worked.



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