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The Aisin Warner AW55-50SN is a computer controlled five speed front wheel drive automatic transaxle. It is used in several vehicles including both the Nissan Maxima and Quest high line SE models under the Nissan designation of RE5F22A. Saab started utilizing it in 2002 with its 9'5 model and added it as an option in 2003 to its 9'3 models. Saturn used this unit in 2002-up Vue with the V6 engines and the 2003-up Ion sedan under the AF23/ 33-5 designation with the AF23-5 used behind 4 cylinder applications and the AF33-5 used behind the V6 engines. Volvo used this unit in 2002-up 40 series, 2001-up 60/70series, 2004-up 80 series, and 2003-up 90 series.


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