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Also known as Torqueflite TF-8; Torque Command 8;    36RH (A727);   37RH (A727);  Versions of this transmission were used from 1962 to present.  Starting in 1978 some versions had a lock-up clutch inside the torque converter.  There were MANY variations over the years and MANY parts do NOT interchange from year to year or model to model.  DO NOT confuse it with the overdrive A518 which uses the same pan gasket.

Rear cooler line is the cooler return line.

Band adjustments:
Intermediate = 2˝ turns
Reverse = 2 turns

Gear Ratios:
2.45:1 1st gear
1.45:1 2nd gear
1.00:1 3rd gear
2.21:1 reverse



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 Pan gasket

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