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Also known as
40TE; 41TE; 41AE

Used in Chrysler non LH cars (with transverse engines)

Versions of this transmission were used from 1989-up.  In 1995 Chrysler added an additional mount over the differential.  This required a case change to add a pad that had three vertical bolt holes and one horizontal bolt hole to hold the mount.   In mid 1996 Chrysler eliminated the separate PRNDL and neutral safety switches that screwed into the case and combined their function into one switch that is now internally mounted on the valve body.  This required an additional case change.  There were MANY variations over the years and MANY parts do NOT interchange from year to year or model to model.  Do not confuse with the non-overdrive A404/A413/A470/A670 series of transmissions.

Cooler line nearest pump is the cooler return line.

Band adjustment:
This transmission does not use bands

Gear Ratios:
2.84:1 1st gear
1.57:1 2nd gear
1.00:1 3rd gear
0.69:1 4th gear
2.21:1 reverse



 Pan gasket

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