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PowerFlite Parts

Parts to be shipped from Belleville, MI AFTER received from supplier in California  (which can take a week or more)

I can get 100's of additional parts for these transmissions that I don't yet have listed.  E-mail me with a list of other parts you may need for these.  If have them I will list them for you.

Relined 1954 PowerFlite Kickdown Band (single strut design-adjusting screw serves as second strut) sent to anywhere in the lower 48 USA states via Priority Mail« (120.00+50.00 refundable core charge+17.35 shipping and handling)

Relinable core must arrive back to me within 30 days of your receipt of parts or core refund will be forfeited.  Broken bands do not receive core refund.

These bands have some non-function hurting surface rust from sitting on the shelf of a closed transmission shop.


NOS PowerFlite Back-up Switch (has 1/4 inch pipe fitting that screws into the trans, other end has two male end prongs) sent to anywhere in the lower 48 USA states via Priority Mail« (95.00+10.95 shipping and handling)

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